Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brilliant Wooden Bench Designs

On the artful end of the bench spectrum, this tentacle bench appears to have a will of its own. The slats on the otherwise standard-looking wood bench design take on lives of their own at their ends and begin to move out, grow and climb up along an adjacent wall like ivy - a perfect(ly strange) entryway or hall bench.


We all know about folding chairs, but few of them fold all the way into a backless bench. Cushions could help make this smoothly curved bench-and-chair structure a bit more comfortable but they may also detract from the sleek aesthetic that makes this such a lovely product in either of its transformed states.


Not sure if you really want to talk to the person who happens to sit down next to you on a bench? No worries: you can just detach your half of this wooden bench and move it a bit to the side.


This bidirectional rocking bench works on so many levels: it rocks back and forth from either side, could likely accommodate a relatively comfortable sleeper if it were padded and could even be at the center of a (likely very dangerous) teeter-totter game.


If the break-apart bench does not provide sufficient solitude this one-person bench is sure to fit the bill. It certainly looks absurd with the extended back that has no seat but is all the more stable for it.


Alternatively, start by yourself and seat more as they come with the FlexibleLove super-bench. Composed of plywood and structured like an accordion, this remarkable design is transformable and configurable, portible and pragmatic, blending modern elegance with simple style and effective engineering.


One of the classic problems of the fixed outdoor bench is, of course, its very immobility. One solution is to create benches facing each of two ways but still keep them aligned to the grid. This solution is only partial, however, and is also not conducive to potentially spontaneous interactions. The best of all worlds, the twisting artistic bench above transforms along its length to accommodate all kinds of interesting configurations.


This bench does not transform, is not plush and cushioned, curved or adjustable - it is simply a remarkable work of bench design integrating simple materials to create a slick form that also accommodates a planter .As the renderings show, it can be lined up with others but is almost more elegant alone.


What appears to be a simple interior coffee table clad in wood extends to become a table-and-bench with well-matched colors to seat additional guests while the transformed wings can still play coffee-table roles on the side.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heineken Lounge by UXUS


Amsterdam designers UXUS have completed a bar for beer brand Heineken at Newark International Airport, New Jersey, USA.


The bar opened last month.


The interior uses custom designed leather sofas, Heineken green anodized aluminum tables and atmospheric lighting.


Below is some more information from UXUS:

Amsterdam, 16 December 2008 – First Heineken Lounge opens at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport 17 December 2008.


Heineken and Delaware North Companies has commissioned UXUS to design the Heineken Lounge. A bold new bar concept designed for International Airports bringing the Heineken brand to life, for travelers the world over. It is an inclusive experience, giving travelers a “third place” to escape the chaos and stress of international airports and offers the benefit of Heineken’s exclusive Extra Cold chilled beer system, a fully stocked cocktail bar, within the relaxing environment you would expect from a premium airline club.


“The Heineken Lounge is an inclusive experience that showcases the brand’s premium-ness and authenticity in a unique environment,” says Shane Hoyne, Senior Brand Director, Heineken. “We’re excited about connecting with millions of travelers who can now experience the welcoming, global nature of the brand as they prepare to depart on their own adventure. Heineken strives to bring its consumers innovative and engaging experiences, and this Lounge delivers on that commitment.”


The environment is cosmopolitan, designed with the international traveler in mind. It incorporates Dutch design icons with custom designed seating areas created to help relax and refresh travelers in their transit. Special Cabana seating offers a sense of privacy in a public space with the comfort of a luxurious leather sofa. Heineken green anodized aluminum tables, Wengé wood room dividers, and atmospheric lighting all contribute to the sophisticated Heineken Lounge experience.

“UXUS is thrilled to have been able to create this international and premium brand experience for Heineken and Delaware North Companies. This project was a great opportunity to fill the void in International airports for an innovative and cultivated lounge experience that is open to the public,” says UXUS Creative Director George Gottl.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2003, UXUS is an award winning international multi-disciplinary creative agency specializing in retail design, branding, hospitality and interiors. UXUS delivers innovative and exciting design solutions to its global client base, including Adidas, Levi’s, McDonalds and Nokia. Recent projects for UXUS include the McDonalds McVillage and the prestigious Merus Winery.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu


London-based designer Yu Jordy Fu has produced a range of hand-cut paper lampshades called Cloud Lamps.


The designs are cut freehand from recycled paper, then folded around a light source.


.Three Cloud Lamp chandeliers by Yu Jordy Fu are on display as part of festival In From the Cold at the Southbank Centre in London. More information on Yu Jordy Fu’s blog


The Cloud Lamps are available to buy from the designer’s website.
Here’s some more information from Yu Jordy Fu:

In 201 AD the Chinese invented paper, a marvellous material with a complex character. For thousands of years we used paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires. Paper-cutting is a unique art form: Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives and decorate their homes. Yu Jordy Fu has developed this ancient technique to create expressive and elaborate forms which break free from the two-dimensional realm to a dreamlike three-dimensional landscape.


These delicate lampshades are inspired by Jordy’s architectural design projects and scaled at 1:50. All handmade with recycled paper, the Cloud Lamp is a simple and sustainable way to add intimacy and magic to domestic environment. Yu Jordy Fu is a London-based designer whose dream is to make this world a better place.


“As an architectural designer, I think three-dimensionally ; I don’t see the lampshade as an object but a space. My passion is to create sensational spaces for people; I am interested in how it feels for the 1:50 scaled people on the lampshade in the designed spaces, whether is a church, playground, shopping mall, park or school; and how it feels like for us when the lamps are lit at home. The paper is cut freehand when it is flat, like doing a two-dimensional drawing, these are then folded up, and sculpted around a light source to create three dimensional spaces. I used this method to make architectural models for exhibitions for many years. I don’t see lighting as an additional element to the architecture, but an integrated part of it, driving the relationship between the solid and void, adding life to the architecture. I treat each lampshade as an individual piece; they are all slightly different and personal.”


Cloud Lampshade can be used as a pendant, with a desk or a floor lamp base and a milky white energy saving blub; alternatively simply put on your bedside table with some gentle LED fairy lights inside.


Cloud Lamp Winter Collection 2008

Below: Cloud Lampshade Angels
Light and Sound from the sky
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for contemporary prayer space
H38cm x D 27cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Prague
Rooftop of a magic world
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for children’s play space
H40cm x D 24cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Happy
Pleasure of Christmas
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for shopping environment
H30cm x D 34cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Memory
Picking up Happiness
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for outdoor leisure space
H32cm x D 32cm


Below: Cloud Lampshade Story
After dinner relaxation
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for school breakout space
H20 x D 45


Below: Cloud Lampshade Grandpa
For sweethearts afraid of darkness
Inspired by Jordy’s architectural design for family gardens
H30 x D 15


Below: installation at the Southbank centre.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flower Shaped Vanity - Luxurious Vanity from Dubei Italia


Make an unique bathroom interior with this Flower Vanity from Dubei Italia. Luxurious Italian vanity, designed with unusual shape, inspiring by flower will make your bathroom have a natural impression. The organic shape of the white porcelain sink could indeed easily be interpreted a splash of water, also an ideal motif for a bathroom vanity. Hang it in your wall and get an unique decoration element, express your cheerful personality with the Flower Vanity from Dubei Italia.




Lamp design

Baby Gilda Floor Lamp from Pallucco

Baby Gilda floor lamp
An elegant lamp of the Gilda lamp, its a mini version so its called Baby Gilda. Unique floor lamp that perfectly combined between the look and function, the shade comes in six different finishes : white or ivory parchment; natural or black-dyed jute; black or beige Ornaments. With its ironic reuse of the portable music stand, Baby Gilda’s distinguishing trait is the essentiality of the height-adjustable telescopic steel tripod. Baby Gilda equipped with a 150W halogen light bulb, transparent electrical cord with dimmer and connection/fitting E27 for the 230V version, while, 1 incandescent double glass light bulb type A, 150W connection/fitting E26 for the 110V version. Baby Gilda floor lamp is perfect to create an unique interior decoration. Visit Pallucco website.

JellyFish Luxurious Ceiling Light from Ligne Roset

jelly fish elegant ceiling light
Jelly fish is an unique and elegant ceiling light from Ligne Roset. Designed by Swan Bourotte the lamps are wonderful addition to any contemporary interior. Suitable with its name the light is consist of much light that shaped like a fish, this ceiling light is reminiscent of a huge, illuminated jellyfish. Made from protective cable covers of the type normally used for supersonic aircraft. 256 LED’s, equivalent to a 75 W output. Visit the Ligne Roset website for more information.
luxurious lighting design

Tree light- Contemporary Floor Lamp from Zeus

contemporary floor lamp tree
Tree Floor lamp is an unique lighting design that perfect for your Christmas decoration or New Year party. Tree light was shaped like a tree and have two dichroic bulbs 50 W 12 V. Dimmer. Concrete base, arms in bent steel tube, epoxy painted metal grey and flexible steel tube natural colour. For more information about this lamp, visit the Zeus Noto Site
contemporary lighting

Sunsa 21 - Silk Lighting from Aqua Creation

luxurious silk lighting design
Contemporary lighting collection from Aqua Creations, The Silk Lighting was made of hand dyed, treated crushed silk; resistant to mold and heat. The silk is sculpted over a metal structure. For optimal maintenance vacuum the silk frequently and avoid direct sunlight or smoke. To remove stains use upholstery foam cleaner. As products vary from country to country, testing the product on a hidden spot first is recommended. Special commercial grade resin coating is available upon request, highly recommended for pieces intended for public installations or areas of humidity or smoke. Silk Lighting is a luxurious lighting, perfect to place it on the restaurant, cafe or lounge to create a romantic atmosphere. Available in various color : Cream, Gold, Orange, Flame, Red, Grass, Sky, Smoke, and Dark. Visit the Aqua Creations site for more information.
unique lighting design

Unique Handmade Lampshades from Vintage Vinyl Wallpaper

unique lighting design from vinyl wallpaper
We present an amazing work from drawflowers. These the handmade lampshades made from vintage vinyl wallpapers. The material used is a designer retro wallpaper mounted onto a processional PVC lighting. I think its an unique lampshade design, perfect for use on table lamps, floor lamps, or as a hanging pendant. Several sizes and shape available, please visit the drawflowers site for more information.
floral lighting design

Axor Urquiola Bathroom

Axor Urquiola Bathroom - Luxurious Bathroom Suite Collection for 2009

Axor Urquiola bathroom suite
The new Axor Urquiola bathroom suite from Hansgrohe is a feminine and luxurious bathroom collection designed by Patricia Urquiola, its cool and contemporary pieces emitted natural sense of eclecticism. The collection featured more than 80 pieces, ready to transform your bathroom into your luxury private lap of spa. If you would like to decorate your bathroom with this collection, please be patient. The Axor Urquiola bathroom suite will be available in Italy in April 2009. Visit Hansgrohe website for more detail information.
luxury bathroom suite

Versatile Bath - Beautiful Bathroom Furniture from Sonia

versatile modern bathroom furniture
Stunning bathroom furniture collection namely Versatile, designed by Raul Villares-Gayans Versatile bath console offers seemingly endless mix-and-match options. Versatile bath comes with a stunning themes and color. Made of water resistant marine-grade plywood—in white, walnut, wengĂ©, and ash—supports glass fronts adorned with either colored or serigraph prints. Its available in various color combination, personally I like to last one, its a cool black and orange color, nice to give an elegant touch at your bathroom interior. The Versatile bath available in Sonia.
versatile bathroom 2

Minimalist Plywood Bathtub from Agape

minimalist wooden bathtub
These are furniture collection from Agape, especially designed for minimalist style lovers. The first is plywood bathtub modeled as a chaise lounge, its an ergonomic design for bathing and relaxing, available in light, medium or drak stained oak finish. The second is Woodline V bathtub, designed as a complement to the Woodline range, extends upwards, creating a sauna-like enclosure, which allows two users to sit in an almost vertical position, opposite each other. Imagine coming home from a hard day work, get relaxing here its really comfortable.
Agape bathtub

KAWA - Sensual Bathroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

Kawa futuristic bathroom furniture
KAWA is the new bathroom furniture design by Karim Rashid, come with futuristic shape and color combination that will create a different atmosphere on your bathroom. Here’s the designer’s said about this product “I created a form that is like a surf or wave of crashing water in the ocean, a curved flat section that is rounded and ‘softened’ on the ends. Its minimal style and a sculptural movement that speaks about the flow and projection of the water. But the floating form does not sacrifice function, and in fact, the form is designed completely around ease.” The last word KAWA is a fantastic bathroom furniture, its so sexy and elegant. You can find this product at cisal website.
wash basin

Gabbiano Contemporary Washbasin Design from Agape

contemporary washbasin design
Stunning contemporary washbasin design from Agape namely Gabbiano, washbasin in curved waterproof birch plywood available with light, medium or dark oak veneer and CORIAN®; with built in soap dish, toothbrush holder, stainless steel towel rail and open waste. Supplied with tap holes. Left-or right-handed version. It look great mounted on a minimalist bathroom. The long, curved line defines these distinctive washbasins, its smooth shapes creating a sensation of harmony. Visit Agape website for more information.
contemporary bathroom furniture